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Incomparable Services

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We utilise a variety of techniques, methods and technologies, including direct measurements using Total Station and GNSS, traditional levelling surveys, remote sensing like LIDAR, aerial photogrammetry and satellite imagery in order to provide accurate and highly reliable topographical surveys and drawing models extending over large areas both nationally and internationally. 
Bernard Geomatics Limited undertakes a wide range of topographical and mapping survey activities ranging from small residential land surveys for building extensions and redevelopments to detailed topographical land survey projects for major highway or building redevelopments and other investment projects.

Survey control

Utilising high-precision Total Station, backed by GNSS technology and high-precision receivers, we are able to establish long and continuous lines of survey control networks and permanent ground markers (PGMs) for future surveys, and setting out an as-built survey work extending over several miles of land proposed for future redevelopment.

Data output

Final survey data and drawings can be issued to any scale and format tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We have significant experience in exporting and providing clients with digital survey files in a variety of industry standard formats such as 2D or 3D DWG, DGN, GENIO, PDF and XLS.
topographical survey paper plan

previous experience

During their professional careers, our surveyors have worked on some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious construction projects, including the Queen Elizabeth London 2012 Olympic Park, a major construction project.

What Is Topographical Surveying And mapping?

Topographical surveys and mapping services are required by designers, architects, planners and engineers as a basis for showing details and features present on site, which allows them to accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively draft their designs and improvement plans or to simply assess ownership status (private land owners or councils). 

what do we offer to clients?

Bernard Geomatics Limited undertakes topographical surveys tailored to clients’ needs. Before work commences, we assess and discuss the client’s exact requirements with them, which the topographical survey is expected to fulfil. This results in a proposal presented to the client for review and approval which often outlines several survey options available ranging from survey techniques such as using Total Station, GNSS or a terrestrial laser scanner to a presentation of the final model or plan (electronic 3D models in several formats are available in addition to paper printouts to correct scale to suit clients’ needs).

Why choose us and not others?

The team at Bernard Geomatics Limited believes in delivering bespoke services to our clients. Our experienced land surveyors provide attention to detail, client focus and knowledge, backed up by university degrees in the field of land surveying, professional accreditation and charter recognition. 

rapid response and delivery

Bernard Geomatics Limited is aware of the tight timescales that clients have to deal with during ongoing projects, influenced by restricted site accessibility and project start delays, which are especially noticeable by companies working within the highway environment. 

We understand that our clients need every time slot made available for surveys to be fully utilised. This is why we are able to respond to clients’ enquiries and attend sites at short notice, sometimes with orders received with less than twenty-four hours’ notice. This is also the reason why we can work days, nights, weekends and public holidays where necessary in order to meet clients’ demands and minimise disruption to the general public while delivering the best possible results within the required timescales.

project complexity, size and lenght

There is no limit to the size, length or complexity of a topographical survey project that our company and surveyors are capable of undertaking. Examples include simple residential and town surveys extending over a few miles to complex and detail-rich highways and civil engineering projects extending over several miles while crossing at multiple building sites, residential areas, villages or towns. 

We have skilled surveyors who are able to establish high accuracy survey control networks and can undertake detailed topographical surveys annotating virtually every single structure, object, furniture or ground change present while minimising any impact our survey work and activities create for the general public and the surrounding environment.
topographical survey cad model


2D floor and roof plans, together with 2D external or internal building elevations, are the industry’s common requirement and desired product for architectural companies and architects who are looking to redesign space and add extensions. Bernard Geomatics Limited is able to offer bespoke measured building surveying services tailored to clients' specifications and requirements, thereby saving money and time for unnecessary surveys that will not add real value to the client or the overall project.
Our measured building surveyors have significant international experience from undertaking various measured building surveys, from small residential projects for building extensions to complex projects, such as measured building surveys of the fourteenth-century Manor House Hotel in Castle Combe, the Cotswolds, to a full measured building survey of Newcastle Railway Station in north-east England. 

Geographically, Bernard Geomatics Limited offers measured building surveying services across the whole of the UK.
measured building

surveying methods

Measured building surveys can be undertaken using various surveying methods and technologies, ranging from measuring tape and Disto to employing Total Stations, laser scanners and advanced photogrammetric techniques (mainly to produce drawings of complex elevations). Floor plans generally involve taking measurements of all structural openings, room fixed furniture, doors, windows, overhead beams and other similar features and structures.

In comparison, elevations generally involve the preparation of detailed drawings showing every feature of the building face or elevation subject to survey. Nevertheless, measured building surveys can include a much more detailed specification from the one mentioned above and, if needed, can include every socket, brick and pillar, no matter the project size or building complexity.

quality assurance

Quality assurance is at the core of our business. We have been established with the commitment to ensure that the highest level of standards is applied to every project or service that we provide to clients, no matter the size or length. Outstanding client experience, on time and on budget project delivery, and incomparable attention to detail and measurement precision play a pivotal role in our everyday business.

We have a passion and respect for the geomatics industry, and quality, accuracy and precision are therefore at the forefront of everything we do and are never ignored or undermined. Therefore, everything we do in our business reflects this ethos regarding industry standards, specifications, integrity and professionalism. And every project we undertake is independently checked and 100% field-verified before being issued to the client.


Although a number of well-documented industry standards and guidance notes exist in the UK, which are produced by professional organisations such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (CICES), usually project scope and accuracy is often agreed with the client prior to commencing the measured building survey works as part of the tender process by agreeing on the accuracy required, the project delivery timeline and the cost.

Furthermore, the accuracy of measurements can vary greatly and can be affected by the measuring method employed, although the final measured building survey drawing will still be produced to a industry common survey tolerance that will meet the client’s project and accuracy requirements.
cad model


Bernard Geomatics Limited surveyors are also trained and certified in using ground penetrating radars and other underground tracing equipment, which enables them to trace, mark on site and map underground electric cable networks on site. Our ground penetrating radar capabilities enables us to trace water, gas or drainage systems present on site with high degree confidence. 

our railway capabilities

Bernard Geomatics Limited as a business provides a whole range of railway civil engineering and surveying services to railway clients, including track monitoring, track setting out and installation and track as-built surveys to all railway construction and railway maintenance sites, no matter the size, geographic location or complexity.

Our railway surveyors have the skills, expertise and professional experience from working on several railway plain line and switches and crossings (S&C) renewal sites, including ballast formation dozing, track tamping, sleepers and modular S&C installations or new railway tunnels constructions. During every railway project that the Bernard Geomatics Limited railway surveyors have been appointed, they are able to perform and complete all given project tasks with military precision, first time round, thereby providing value, peace of mind and full confidence to our railway clients by finishing all site tasks to scope, timetable and budget.
topographical survey paper plan
Our railway surveyors have significant international railway experience from undertaking various railway surveys on projects across mainland Europe, including High Speed Railways in Spain (Alta Velocidad Española), France (TGV), Germany (ICE) and Italy (ETR). Within the United Kingdom, over the past decade we have successfully completed several railway surveying projects on the Network Rail Infrastructure, ranging from standard topographical and gauging surveys for a number of railway stations across the country to working as a principal surveying contractor on complex and multidisciplinary railway construction projects, where the requirement was to undertake various topographical and engineering (setting out) surveying and mapping services ranging from track surveys and as-built surveys to various embankment, drainage and track setting out surveys, including the installation of modular S&Cs and various other traditional topographical and high precision engineering survey activities (for example, structural gauging for clearance purposes, signal surveys, S&T cable routes surveys, drainage and catchpit surveys and embankment surveys for stabilisation and re-profiling purposes).

our as-built and tamping experience

Bernard Geomatics Limited has extensive site experience of undertaking as-built surveys in real time behind a working tamper. Undertaking as-built surveys behind a tamper is a critical task and one that has to be right in order for the tamper to be able to lift or slew the track in the correct position during the next tamping run. But the limited possession time of generally 3-4 hours per night on the Network Rail infrastructure means that only experienced railway surveyors with significant surveying knowledge would be able to provide the speed and accuracy required to produce ALC files for the pre- and post-tamping activities.
railway junction
Real-time survey data (lifts and slews) has to be provided to the Permanent Way engineer in order to constantly run the tamper without any stand-offs. The high costs for hiring a tamper, and even higher costs of not providing accurate as-built data, could result in track position and level not being compliant for hand back purposes at the end of the shift, ultimately delaying the possession hand back time and section of railway track to Network Rail for service the following morning.

Civil engineering

survey control

Over the years, Bernard Geomatics Limited has been commissioned on several Network Rail projects to establish a new survey control network, in order to facilitate future topographical, setting out and as-built survey works on the project. Our surveyors have a wealth of experience in installing Type 3 concrete PGMs for long-term duration, Type 4 ‘P-K’ nails on hard surface areas, such as station platforms and level crossings and Type 5 spigots, throughout Tunnels and limited clearance areas in compliance with Network Rail’s technical standards and general strategy: NR/L2/TRK/3100.
survey control

enbankment survey

Our surveys have longstanding experience in undertaking bespoke embankment surveys for several ground stabilisation and regrading studies, including new HV feeder route installations. Full topographical surveys, comprising of full track surveys, including comprehensive ground and rail furniture, were required in order to produce accurate ground models to centimetre grid spacing intervals for future design and remodelling. Utilising advance surveying technology, such as terrestrial laser scanning, supported by experienced railway surveyors, we are able to complete these tasks in record time, within budget and to the client’s project scope.

as built surveys

One key task during the construction phase of any railway construction project is to carry out setting out and as-built surveys. We have an expert survey team and engineers able to embark on any type of track setting, as-built or tamping activities, including modular S&C installation, track formation (dozing), sleepers lining and drainage installation.
as built surveys

drainage survey and installation

To date, our surveys have worked on multiple track monitoring and deformation schemes, where heavy construction and excavation activities had taken place for the purpose of various re-development activities or new built on the Network Rail infrastructure, including track redoubling, bridge replacement or installation of new drainage runs and repair of existing drains and soak ways. 
worker measuring track
Our track monitoring system entails installing in-house developed lightweight track monitoring targets, at three-metre intervals, on both rails within the area subject to excavation, plus an additional thirty-metre extension either side of the zone of influence as a protection inclusion zone, in accordance with NR standards and specifications. We also execute the observations using high precision Leica TM30 or TS15 Total Stations, backed up by reliable survey control reference targets installed outside the zone of influence. Out tripods and other survey accessories are checked daily and, if necessary, recalibrated to ensure their full functionality and precision in line with manufacture specifications.


Drainage and utilities surveys play a vital role for construction companies, before they start breaking the ground in respect of new builds and site redevelopment. Imagine that you don’t have any information about what is present on the site under the surface, but you have to start work on the construction site.
You send a digger to start ground works, to construct the building foundations. The digger’s scoop breaks the ground and damages gas pipes that no one was aware of. This is just one scenario which can occur when you do not have a robust and thorough plan or drawing of all the utilities services present on site. 
railway surveyors
Drainage and utilities surveys vary greatly in both site survey methods, as well as deliverable formats. Bernard Geomatics Limited can offer various drainage and utilities surveys, ranging from desktop studies of information provided by specific utility companies, such as Thames Water and British Gas, to drainage surveys, which involve opening manholes to obtain pipes’ invert levels, sound check the connections between manholes, check flow directions and map the drainage system.
Drainage and utilities surveys are also important to enable designers and engineers to divert some of the utilities or to design a connection from the new build to existing drainage, electric, water or gas networks. They can save a lot of money for the client but, more importantly, can save lives as well, as many major injuries and fatalities are directly linked to objects being present underground that no one was aware of before commencing work. 
topographical and gpr survey
Bernard Geomatics Limited surveyors are also trained and certified in using ground penetrating radars and other underground tracing equipment, which enables them to trace, mark and map underground electric cable networks on site. Our ground penetrating radar capabilities enables us to trace water, gas or drainage systems present with a high degree confidence. 
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