Regulated Environment

Regulated Environment 

Quality Management

Quality assurance is at the core of our business. We have been established with the commitment to ensure that the highest level of standards are applied to every project or service that we provide to clients, no matter the size or length. Therefore, everything we do in our business reflects this ethos regarding industry standards, specifications, integrity and professionalism. 

We have a passion and respect for the geomatics industry. Quality, accuracy and precision are therefore at the forefront of everything we do and are never ignored or undermined. Project accuracy and measurement precision play a pivotal role in our everyday business, and every project we undertake is independently checked and 100% field verified before being issued to the client.
Our five compulsory quality assurance stages are as follows:
  • Pre-stage: Site reconnaissance and preparation of detailed methodology proposal.
  • Stage 1: Completion of survey checklist and risk assessment before attending site.
  • Stage 2: Survey checklist while on site including RAMS and task brief competition.
  • Stage 3: Survey check for processing and CAD drafting ensuring industry standards.
  • Final stage: Project assurance checklist and independent survey field verification.
Our Quality Management Systems policy is built around the commitment to implementing the highest level of standards to every project and service that we provide, in conjunction with ISO 9001 standards. Bernard Geomatics Limited has developed and implemented a robust Quality Management Systems (QMS) manual for the provision of land surveying and geomatics services, in order to document the company’s best business practices for every project and consultation that it undertakes or provides. 

Our quality management systems manual meets the requirements of the international standard ISO9001, and Bernard Geomatics Limited is an ISO9001 Accredited Company with British Standards Institution, UK Accreditation Service accredited body. 

Bernard Geomatics Limited is also regulated by RICS for Providing Land Surveying and Geomatics Services”.


health and safety laws
Health and Safety in the workplace and the protection of the environment that we work in are at the forefront of everything we do in our company. Our employees are fully trained in how to correctly implement and put into practice the strict health and safety briefings and training that we provide, in order to protect the public and the environment from any ill health or risks as a result of their surveying and geomatics activities. 

services we offer

The Bernard Geomatics Limited Managing Director and the management team are responsible for continuously monitoring the project works and for implementing robust quality assurance checks and procedures during all stages of the project. 

Our responsibilities include:
  • To evaluate daily that all the works are executed as per client project specification.
  • To ensure that the service we provide meets the applicable industry standards and regulation+s.
  • To communicate immediately any relevant site issues to the clients and other organisations when they occur.
  • To ensure that the work programme is met, and that everyone in the company is committed to the project deadline.
  • To promptly investigate and record any omissions and errors in the company’s work and quality objectives when they occur.
  • To create an accurate and precise working environment which is error free and provides land surveying and geomatics services to the highest quality and standards to the clients.

Quality management is the backbone to our organisation and the everyday survey operations we undertake. Integrating the above values into our working practices enables us to perform to the best of our abilities and, therefore, ensures that our clients receive a second-to-none service, each and every time we receive an enquiry. We do not charge our clients more if survey projects extend beyond quoted times and budgets, or if there is extended face value to the project. 

While time is often perceived as money amongst our competitors, at Bernard Geomatics Limited we believe that excellent customer experience and outstanding project delivery are more important, no matter how long it takes. One of our key values is that we are always truthful and open with our clients. We enjoy building excellent working relationships to ensure that not just their project needs are fulfilled, but even the rest of the industry can benefit from our survey deliverables, our vision is to leave something behind for future generations.

On behalf of Bernard Geomatics Limited, I promise to ensure that Bernard Geomatics Limited will fully implement all your project requirements set out in your project brief, and, as a forward-thinking company, our aim and objectives will always be to provide first-class products and services to clients and the general public whenever we are given the opportunity.

Managing Director
Bernard Geomatics Limited

As a forward-thinking company, we recognise that our geomatics and land surveying activities may create a negative impact on the environment, in terms of the use of surveying materials and from emissions into the air from our commuting to and from the workplace, including waste generation and other similar environmental impact. Bernard Geomatics Limited, in accordance with its duties and obligations towards the environment, is committed to constantly seek to minimise and improve its impact on the environment as a business. With this in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive Environmental Policy, and as a business have made the commitment to reduce, if not completely eliminate, the impact to the environment from our business activities. 

Bernard Geomatics Limited is also Constructionline Accreted Company, and holds a certificate of Health and Safety Accreditation awarded by Acclaim (SSIP Approved Body), demonstrating that it has the necessary organisational capability in relation to skills, knowledge and experience to carry our work in a way that secures health and safety to the standards required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, as a Contractor with 5 or more employees.
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